• Thanks for all the food!

    A big Thank You to all who donated food for Good Shepherd’s Thanksgiving Food Bags. The people of the Food Pantry filled 47 bags with food for Thanksgiving; these will be distributed on Tuesday, November 21st.

  • Thanksgiving Meal Donations for Food Pantry

    Please have all donations in by Sunday, Nov. 18 for the Holiday Bags, which will be handed out on Tuesday, Nov. 21st. Needed food items are listed below; please put them in the basket in the Narthex.

    1-2 pound canned hams (Aldi’s has them)
    Dressing Mix
    Dried/Instant Mashed Potatoes
    Canned Cranberry Sauce
    Canned Gravy or Dry Gravy Mix
    Canned Sweet Potatoes or Yams

  • Food Pantry date changes and clarification

    The Food Pantry days will change in November and December due to holiday conflicts. The new dates are:

    Tuesday, November 5 & 21 and Tuesday, December 5 & 19

    Although Bob and Paula Minor are stepping down as leaders of the Food Pantry, they are not leaving the pantry. if anyone wants to serve the community by taking their place, let them or a Food Pantry member know.

  • Food Pantry update for April through September 2023

    Good Shepherd’s Food Pantry gave 549 bags of food to feed 1240 people last quarter. Prayers were said for 341 people.

    We are grateful for all the people who made donations of food or money to our Food Pantry.

  • Food Pantry also needs a few good people

    Good Shepherd’s Food Pantry is seeking volunteers who have a heart for those in need. If you can spare 4-6 hours each month helping to fill food bags, receive prayer requests and pass them on to Pastor Bruce, maintain the catalogue of family size of those served, and to help them with lists of open jobs, then we have the spot for you.

    Those who come for help are treated with the utmost respect and care; the goal is to fill the gap until they are able again to afford to feed their families. See Bob Minor for more information.

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